Here are some kind reviews that Dr. Hughes and Lakewood Park Orthodontics have received from our patients. We'd love to hear about your experience too!

“I can't say enough for how excellent Lakewood Park Orthodontics is for your kids’ orthodontic work! Our 14-year-old son loves it there. Dr. Hughes is great at what she does as are her assistants are all thoughtful and warm while professional and efficient with your time. The front desk staff is welcoming and so easy to work with on the paperwork end. They walk you through every step of the way. You get a wonderful online account with pictures of your child’s X-rays, progress shown, etc. And the office is set up very nice with coffee and video games, fun raffles, nice seating, open bright office area, a tooth-brushing station, etc. We love it! Plus, Dr. Hughes is priced very competitively for orthodontics! They have convenient and flexible office hours and also do their best to accommodate you in every way. Bonus: my son loves the “Wooden Nickel Program,” an incentive program for patients to try to help them do their part in their braces treatment and earn some terrific gift cards. You won’t be sorry if you decide to check out Lakewood Park Orthodontics!” – A. Mury

“We hold Dr. Janeen Hughes and everyone involved with her practice in the HIGHEST regard! My son's dentist referred us to Dr. Hughes due to a crossbite, as she suspected a retainer might be necessary. Additional dental expenses are never really good news for parents (and my son has a developmental disability, which means any kind of medical visit is potentially problematic for him). We found EVERYONE at Lakewood Park to be very sensitive to my son's needs, ALWAYS welcoming and extremely professional, and the cost of care to be very reasonable. My son actually enjoyed visits to the office (there are video games for kids in the waiting area, which was a treat!) and the wonderful staff was always so nice to him that I think he considered it a visit to see some friends who just so happened to also be interested in his teeth! Best of all, the treatment was EFFECTIVE so we haven't needed to go back for some time, but you can bet that when my son requires further orthodontic care in the not so distant future, we wouldn't think of going anywhere else.” – Cheryl T.

“Dr. Hughes and staff are wonderful. I am so happy that I chose Lakewood Park Ortho. I work full time, and finally was at a point in life where I could invest in fixing my teeth. The staff was always able to schedule my visits after my work hours, and treated me as an adult; I looked forward to chatting with Dr. Hughes and her staff, every visit. When I had an emergency, it was never a problem to squeeze me in. Thank you, Dr. Hughes and staff for my new ‘open mouthed’ smile.” – Nicole Visnick

“Dr. Janeen Hughes is very caring to her patients and so is her staff. I certainly recommend LAKEWOOD PARK ORTHODONTICS to all my friends and family.” – Ariful

“A Gem!! Personal and attentive service in a modern and family friendly office. Dr. Hughes has a cheerful, patient, and respectful manner with kids. Her staff is helpful, organized, and efficient. The office's incorporation of technology is impressive. At our recent consultation Dr. Hughes led us through a clear and complete video analysis of the issues/treatments (admittedly our daughter was more impressed by the game technology in the waiting room). To top it all off the office is in a very convenient location. All in all a great find!” – Tessa

“I was referred to Dr. Hughes by a good friend. When I arrived at her office, I was pleasantly surprised. It's very clean, organized, and welcoming. The staff is also very pleasant. Dr. Hughes was respectful of my time and didn't leave me hanging around waiting like other places have done. She took the time to explain everything to me so I could understand. She is excellent at what she does and has a great personality to top it off.” – Raquel

“I've had a great experience with Dr. Hughes. She is very patient and she does a great job explaining everything to parents and motivating the kids, and that isn't always easy to do. She answered all my questions without feeling rushed which is something I really appreciated.” – Jeff

“As an adult, I was skeptical about getting braces. Dr. Hughes came highly recommended from a friend, and I'm happy I went to see her. She eased my fear and showed me how easily I could fix my smile, the best part is no one even knows I am wearing invisible braces. I feel so much better when I look at my smile in the mirror, I can't wait for my transformation to be complete. Thank you so much Dr. Hughes.” – Michelle

“Dr. Janeen Hughes is a wonderful person and orthodontist. She makes all of her patients, as well as parents, feel at ease at every visit. She took the time to answer my questions and resolved all of my concerns. I've had the best dental experiences with Dr. Hughes. I am very satisfied with the services that she provided for me. I highly recommend her to anyone with braces or is in need of braces. SHE'S OUTSTANDING!!!” – K. Ward

“What a find!!! Orthodontics is a new and unfamiliar territory for me and my family. I was thrilled to find Dr. Hughes and her staff. Not only are they warm, friendly, and patient but the office is cutting edge. It is immaculate with state-of-the-art equipment in an open environment so parents can observe the procedures while they are being conducted. My children look forward to the appointments. I say no more!” – Jane

“Lakewood Park Orthodontics is the best place to get your braces. They show you exactly what you need to do to take care of it and you also get a lot of helpful hints on how to make your braces healthy. This is where you want to get your braces.” – Ronaldo

“Having braces is not fun or comfortable, but Dr. Hughes and her staff make it as pleasant as it can be on the patient and the parent.” – Christopher B.

“Dr. Hughes is very helpful, patient, and informative. Thank you.”

“Great experience. Everyone made my daughter feel very comfortable there. Looking forward to getting the braces done here.”